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The House

Founded in 1899 by Jules Médot, our House remained in the founder’s family during 5 generations. The Champagne House Médot expresses today its originality and its typicity within a little family group.
Far from the current trends and tendencies, the Champagne Médot shows a permanent care for well-done work in the respect of its traditional ideas to hold fast to its ancestral style.

The range of champagnes Médot shows perfectly this character, that the British lovers friendly qualify of « Nicely Old Fashioned ».

For a very long time, the wine-press Médot is located in Pargny-Les-Reims : the Champagne Médot thus selects the most of its grapes provisioning in the “Montagne Ouest de Reims”, where the Pinots meuniers, round and fruity wines, express themselves perfectly : it is this original provisioning which contribute to our champagnes personnality.

All year long, throughout the seasons, vintners in love with soil take care of the vinestocks and, thanks to their attention and their rigour, make it possible each vinestock to offer the best of its expression and its typicity.


To elaborate high-quality champagnes, our House decided to associate to its ancestral know-how and to its human qualities, new technologies.
These choices make it possible each bottle Médot to offer during the tasting an exemplary regularity and an unique style.

Each step of the vinification is made in Epernay, on hightech production equipments, like our thermoregulated stainless vat, gyropallets, and very efficient disgorging, dosage, and corking chains.


If the choice of the grapes is essential, the wines blending is more still, because it shows the know-how of the House and the talent of a man.
Each year we live the blending like a ritual, almost in the intimacy.
The House chef, thanks to his tasting experience, blends the “crus”, the “cépages”, the vintages, and the wines of reserve, according to his subtlety and his emotion, to preserve the style and the identity of the brand.

The wines ageing is also one of the specific characteristics of the House. Before being commercialized, each “cuvée” Médot ages on lees, under the shade of very old chalk cellars until their quite maturity.

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